"Non-Durable Goods"

This commissioned installation in "the Box" vitrine at the Standard Hollywood Hotel utilized QR code technology to commodify 100 personal fears and anxieties, re-interpreting them as scannable decorations on corresponding objects, sold in an online marketplace.  Plans are in place to make the marketplace a permanent digital installation. 



Choreographer Deborah Lohse's site-specific installation, was conceived as a durational performance piece, wherein I constructed a dress made of chandelier crystals while she or a group of dancers executed movement culled from fashion ads and editorials.  We staged the piece in three different site-specific environments in Martha's Vineyard, Newport Rhode Island, and New York City.   The work addresses the subjective experience of glamour and beauty, and the influence that they have upon individuals and communites.  Each incarnation of the project incorporated the surrounding landscape of the performance, integrating the participation of community performers and facilities unique to the location of the performance.  Below, you'll find images from the preparation process for the piece.